Are you or your child struggling?

I am experienced therapist with specfic training in counselling children and young people. Let me help you explore what is going on for you to help you understand yourself better and maybe find new ways to be. I have lots of different ways of working - it's not just talking!

Counselling for children and teens age 10 years and up and for adults. In person in Stroud, Gloucestershire and remotely using video or phone calls from wherever you are in the UK.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a somatic bodywork therapy for all ages including babies and toddlers, and during pregnancy. I see clients in Stroud town centre.


Are you struggling with how you relate to other people? With work or school? Friends or family? Life? If you feel worried about how things will go, it is difficult to be yourself and get on with things. Exploring your anxiety and how it effects you can help you see things more clearly. We can work with your feelings and see where they might have started. CST also helps as it can turn off the stress response that makes anxiety feel so awful.

Emotional issues

Life can throw many things at us that can cause upheavals in our emotional stability. Sometimes we've experienced too much as a child and that means we might find quite small things upsetting. If you are struggling to make sense of your feelings and reactions to things it can help to explore what's going on. Once you understand what's happening and maybe why, it is easier to choose what to change. CST is also very supportive when it feels life is getting on top of you.


The transition from child to adult can be complex. There is so much going on from hormonal changes, to brain redevelopment to working out who you really are. For some this becomes overwhelmingly difficult and they might need a helping hand. Sometimes the helping hand is needed by the parent or carer, so have more understanding and resilience to support the changes their child is going through. See more information on teen therapy here.


Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is distressing and makes life very hard. I work using a combination of counselling and Craniosacral Therapy to support the slow change that can bring about real improvements in people's lives. This is long term work and I can offer longer sessions if needed to allow space for things to unfold at the slow pace needed for healing.


I see clients in Stroud town centre for counselling. Many people prefer being in the room with their counsellor and feel it is more 'real'. I have lots of things we can do together - it's not just talking - and you can choose how to work as you can see what's available. It's really helpful if you have time to prepare before the session and relax afterwards.

I do remote counselling for UK clients using video and phone calls. For some people this is essential as they find it difficult to get to appointments.

See more information for counselling for adults and children and teens

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and relaxing bodywork therapy that can help alleviate long-term stress and chronic pain. I see people of all ages for CST in my therapy room in Stroud. I have specific training in working with babies, children and during pregancy. For more information see Craniosacral Therapy.

Contact Me

Jess Gailey
Child and Adult Counsellor
Professional Accredited Member of NCPS
Children and Young People's Therapist (CYPT)
Craniosacral Therapist
Member of BCMA
Please email me to arrange a chat about how I can help you or your child:

Ways forward

  • Find out more

    Send me an email to arrange a time to chat about how I can help you.

  • Book a session

    You can book and pay for sessions here.

    £60 for 60 mins Counselling face-to-face (Stroud)

    £60 for 50 mins Counselling by video/phone call

    £60 for 60 mins CST

    Cancellation policy: 2 days notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee is payable

  • Accessibility

    I endeavour to be accessible to everyone who wants to use my service, so please let me know what I can do to make this work for you. If you need no step access, I can arrange to see you at another venue.

About Jess

Helping people who are struggling with their lives, finding out what is really going on for them, and seeing the step-by-step changes that come from therapy is work I find very satisfying. I enjoy the fact that everyone is different and so I won't make assumptions about you.

I am a trained counsellor for children, young people and adults and as I have been a massage and craniosacral therapist for many years I have a lot of experience with clients and their issues. For more about me, please see my About page.

At home, I enjoy computer and board games, reading, gardening and cooking, and walking on the hills and valleys near my house.