Feeling anxious and don't know what to do about it?

Video or phone counselling can help you understand the underlying issues that make anxiety so hard to cope with and I can help you find ways to make your life easier. Some people find they can be more honest about themselves on the phone - others find it easier to relate on a video call. What works best for you?


Are you struggling with how you relate to other people? To your partner? Or friends? Everyone? If you feel worried about how they might react to you, it is difficult to be yourself. Exploring your anxiety and how it effects you can help you see things more clearly. We can work with your feelings and see where they might have started.


Working from home is a blessing for some, but almost intolerable for others; others are working on the frontline of the pandemic and feel the pressure. And maybe your issues with work were there long before the pandemic started. I can help you explore your feelings, be really honest and maybe find a new balance.


How are you doing as the whole world feels under threat from an unseen source? I imagine all of us are living with some level of increased anxiety because of it, but it may be affecting you in a big way. As you talk, I will help you with your fears and how they are affecting you. I can't change the virus and the government response, but together we can ease things for you.


Having children can be fun but sometimes tiring and stressful, stretching your parenting skills to their limits. Or you may have parents that you are worried about as they age, or don't have a good relationship with. As you talk these things through with me, I can help you be honest with yourself - you don't have to hide your true feelings to try to protect anyone. Then you can think through how you might deal with the situation you are in.

Video and phone

Take advantage of technology and have the benefit of counselling at home. You can be comfy and relaxed, and it's great if you can't leave the house easily. I find video and phone counselling as good as face-to-face and it can be much more convenient. Like face-to-face counselling it can bring up intense feelings, so it's helpful to have time and space afterwards to think about what's happening and settle.

Face to face

I see clients in Stroud town centre for Counselling and Craniosacral Therapy. Many people prefer being in the room with their counsellor and feel it is more 'real'. I have lots of things we can do together there and it's easier for you to choose how you work as you can see what's available. Again, it's really helpful if you have time to prepare before the session and relax afterwards.

Contact Me

Jess Gailey
Online and Phone Counsellor
Accredited Member of NCS (NCS21-00979)
Please email me to arrange a chat about how I can help you:

Ways forward

  • Find out more

    Send me an email to arrange a time to chat about how I can help you.

  • Fees

    £60 for 1 hour counselling session in Stroud town centre.

    £50 for 50 mins session for remote counselling by video or phone call.

    Cancellation policy: 2 days notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee is payable.

  • Trouble at home?

    If someone at home is making you feel anxious, it may not be easy for you to have counselling there. When you get in touch with me, let me know how and when would be a good time to contact you and we can discuss your options.

About Jess

Helping people who are struggling with their lives, finding out what is really going on for them, and seeing the step-by-step changes that come from counselling is work I find very satisfying. I enjoy the fact that everyone is different and so I won't make assumptions about you.

I am a trained counsellor for children young people and adults and as I have been a massage and craniosacral therapist for many years I have a lot of experience with clients and their issues. For more about me, please see my About page.

At home, I enjoy computer and board games, reading, gardening and cooking, and walking on the hills and valleys near my house.